by Alexander Mcgee Koshak

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This album was recorded while I was under an immense amount of stress, and inner turmoil, it was the only thing I could do that made any sense to me. I'd like to hear what you think about the music, please feel free to send opinions to


released May 25, 2013

written, recorded, mixed, produced and poorly mastered by alexander Koshak



all rights reserved


CHARIOTEER Colorado Springs, Colorado

Charioteer is Alex Koshak and friends letting their inner magical-sgt.-pepper's-mystery-tour out for everyone to hear, but that is an easy comparison to recognize aesthetically. What is not so easy to recognize is the parallel process this particular gang of musicians are following all while maintaining a sense of verse-chorus-verse, melody, etc. It is a wonderful debut.
    - Brian Elyo 2013*
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Track Name: Falling over the edge of the world
honor and restless slumber
i'll lie awake just breathing in

cause its over the dream is over, im falling over the edge of the world

and when they ring the bell i'll be gone
and if they come looking i will run

nothing will keep me from running and chasing the sun

on our, i still wonder
im always on

honor and restless slumber
i'll lie awake just to be king
Track Name: -I-}

when i fall in love again

Hold that my heart is only chasing innocence
But I know its just Emotions
Still I let them take me over

That hole in your heart's got you suffering
That hole in your heart you wouldn't let me fill it in

You're only going through the motions
You let the anchor pull you closer

No, don't let me sit here all day long and not sing you a song
Gold and silver clouds become our ground as we're raining from the sun
I know it isn't such a long way down but I might as well try to show
The feathers have no feeling like a falling angles smile
Track Name: Say it slow.
Say it Slow/Grey Areas

I don't want to lie to you, so I'll just forget the truth as everything turns grey
But tell me what am i supposed to do with all this weight i'm carrying?

But i know tonight you'll change your mind
and i hope tonight you'll say it slow one more time

O what a waste to get so lucky
Well you never struck me as an ordinary friend
With the ghost of our days still hanging up above me
You could really love me but your heart is already his

I don't want to ruin you so I'll try to keep it fair…..
But tell me what am i supposed to do when nobody else compares

O what am i supposed to do?
You are the quiet hop I was holding on to
Track Name: Death By Heartbreak
Death By heartbreak(ode to chuck)

Run, the jackals have won, they're turning us over
after so many years of being in love, the pictures of us still hang on the wall
in the quiet hall

Lush, the wind reaches us its shaking the brush and lifting the dust as if to say

he's gone

Crush these illusions of love that are breaking us apart
now i'm pleading with god O
Our storm in the valley has come…

When we were in love our secrets killed us

Under rose pedal eyelids
your dream is still alive
distance resonating people all congregating they've come to say goodbye

Track Name: Grey Crown Race
Grey crown race

For god's sake just take me home i'm lost and i don't know how the clouds follow me everywhere that I go

Stare my face in the mirror, what do you see? Is there someone else looking through me?

I've been lonely, heaven knows I'm homely. O whats the use, I'll go.

I've been only what I came to be, there's nothing I can do for me, what can i do for You?

I came home to find you resting quietly and even I couldn't shake the peace you had finally settled in

home, is it where I've been staying, or is it still what I'm looking for?

I'm not sure
I'll go.
Track Name: Paint it blu'
Paint it blue:)

They went and painted the whole town blue all because I danced with you on the still, bright moon

under a still bright moon

On the pale ghost face you used to paint your smile on
You gave up your expressions to express that you didn't need them

In a life misunderstood, you bled, you could've lied
but you wouldn't live that way, you wouldn't live to regret
and whenever i go out dancing with you they'll paint the whole town blue
under a still bright moon

and we'll keep right on dancing in the center of the room
Track Name: The Dolddrums
The Dolddrums

Everyday it seems to be so hard to wake up

I'm afraid it's going to be the end of us


hold my hand cause i cant let you goooooooooooooooooo
but what can i do if my love is just too much for you?
in all my lives and all my time i lost myself just to give you what you want
Track Name: After the fall
After the fall

I can see it now, shadows follow all the leaves to the ground
watch the wind will blow the trees all around, wild animal release coming out
but if they fall i feel nothing at all

I believe it now, all the people say the world is round
trying hard to keep my feet on the ground but everybody's always dying to pull the rug out

I can't fall down tonight, tonight

I have a photograph, a broken picture of our past, shen everything spinning too fast, will i let go?

I can see it now birds are flying through the rain coming down, little hearts are beating o so loud
silent accents in the quiet sounds, but if they fall i feel nothing at all

I fell in love with a dreamer and I held her above, all the things i thought to be real were not and after the fall
i feel nothing at all
Track Name: Tea & Sympathy
Tea and sympathy

I need tea and sympathy
I need a friend to call

For the longest time, i was feeling alright
but now I am crying

lets go aside
I've had a lonesome time
when i've been trying to forget you but you just wont leave my mind

Hey you're a long way from home
and that fever well it shakes you to the bone
for the longest time i was out of my mind
just trying to get you to follow

well maybe you wont go
but now i know it was never really right it was just alright

why don't we both just close our eyes forget we ever even tried
you'll move on and i'll be left to remember